Sunday, October 5, 2014

GOD TV Co-Founder Rory Alec Steps Down

Some of you may be familiar with GOD TV, a prominent Christian television network. According to Pink News, Rory and Wendy Alec founded the network as Christian Channel Europe in 1995. The husband and wife team would oversee the network's expansion into a global Christian television network.

For several years, GOD TV has been as invaluable resource for my blog. The GOD TV website has been a source of video coverage for Religious Right events in the U.S. and around the globe, especially New Apostolic Reformation gatherings. It was through GOD TV that I first learned about international preachers such as Angus Buchan and Reinhard Bonnke, and it was GOD TV broadcasts and archives that let me watch New Apostolic Reformation events such as the 2012 America for Jesus Rally, TheCall Detroit, Esther Call, the Prayer and Prophetic Conference, and the FIGHT! Conference.

GOD TV not only transmits Religious Right content, but generates some of their own as well. I fondly remember when GOD TV co-founded Wendy Alec posted the "Obama Prophesy and Prayer" after the 2012 presidential election, which lamented the "disobedience" of God's people and the "prayerlessness" of the government. Their latest project, Battle for 1 Billion Souls, encourages viewers to proselytize to five people "who need to be saved".

Recently, GOD TV has experienced a major upheaval. According to a statement at the GOD TV website, Rory Alec announced that he is stepping down as chairman and CEO, effective immediately. Wendy Alec, GOD TV co-founder and director of television, will lead the network alongside senior management. (Hat tip to Right Wing Watch.)

Rory Alec claimed that he resigned over a "moral failure" in his marriage, telling staff, “After 20 years of service, I have had a moral failure this year. For this reason, I am stepping down. Please forgive me for the disappointment I’ve caused, but I know your eyes are on Jesus who is the author and finisher of your faith and not on me, an imperfect man."

Few details are available about the nature of this "moral failure" or the future of the Alec marriage. How will this scandal impact the New Apostolic Reformation world? What changes will take place at GOD TV, now that Rory Alec has left? What are Wendy Alec's thoughts on the scandal? Raw Story reports that Wendy Alec will offer details during an upcoming edition of Revival Alert, which may shed light on the situation.

For background on GOD TV, click here.


  1. You just know this is going to be good when we find out that what this moral failure is. We should open a betting pool. My money is on an affair.

    1. Christian -- It must have been pretty serious if he resigned from GOD TV over it. I'm sure more information will become available soon.


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