Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Commentary Tidbits

Heresy in the Heartland: The Mask of Modesty

National Catholic Reporter: Spare the spanking, respect the child 

The New Civil Rights Movement: RNC Chair Just Praised Hate Group Head On Gay Marriage: 'Tony Perkins Is Right'

Right Wing Watch: Huckabee Urges States To Ignore Rulings On Marriage Equality, Abortion Rights & Church-State Separation

Human Rights Campaign: 19 Members of Congress Inducted into HRC’s Hall of Shame


  1. The Modesty piece was painful to read. While I never had to go through extreme modesty or punishment like in the blog post, as a woman in her 30's I still struggle to find beauty in myself and love my body.

    1. Heather -- Modesty culture and mainstream society at large both promote toxic messages about women's bodies, and it needs to change. All people should feel at peace in their bodies.


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