Monday, February 3, 2014

News Tidbits

Yahoo News: How Rick Santorum is laying the groundwork for another presidential run

Edge Boston: Kirk Cameron Slams Grammys, Plugs New Movie

The Advocate: Catholics Urge Pope Francis to Speak Out for LGBT Rights

Gay Star News: African Anglican bishops warn Church of England to back off on gay issue

Pink News: Christian billboard campaign attacks gay rights in Mexico

Pink News: Northern Ireland AG: The UK Supreme Court’s pro-gay ruling forces Christians to be ‘complicit’ with sin

Associated Press: Group seeks criminal probes of Catholic order

Religion News Service: Ham-on-Nye debate pits atheists, creationists

RT: Russian orthodox Patriarch calls to prevent ‘any attempt’ to legalize same-sex marriage

Huffington Post: Pastor Steven Andrew Says President Obama Follows Satan And Encourages 'Homosexual Sin' In 'God's State Of The Union'


  1. The Republicans would be idiots to back Santorum. They need someone with a tad of moderate appeal if they want to win, besides he has the stink of loser on him already.

    1. Grundy -- I agree that Santorum would be a BAD choice for the GOP in 2016. He's too divisive, and he lacks the necessary charisma.


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