Sunday, February 16, 2014

Commentary Tidbits

Race Hochdorf: The Tyranny Of Fundamentalist Language

Religion News Service: Christians and the struggle to report child abuse

Haaretz: 'Dirty Jews' and the Christian right

LGBT Weekly: FRC miraculously draws conclusions on same-sex households where none exist

The Way Forward: The Bait and Switch Evangelistic Methods of Evangelicals

Alternet: The Simple Truth About Biblical Literalism and the Fundamentalists Who Promote It

Love, Joy, Feminism: Bill Gothard, Sexual Predator

Mother Jones: Christian Right Gears Up to Protest Religious Movie's Rescinded Oscar Nod

The Guardian: The French are on the march to safeguard family values

Vancouver Sun: God Loves Uganda a frightening, infuriating film

The Wartburg Watch: Threatening Emails Sent to TWW


  1. Ockrent is right to point out that the anti-gay elements marching in France are different from out Tea Party -- for one thing, they include a lot of Muslims, as she acknowledges (Islam is a major source of anti-gay attitudes in western Europe now). But there are similarities, too. In both cases there's a noisy minority that claims to represent the majority (while probably knowing, deep down, that it doesn't), and feels agitated by the speed of social change. In both cases, too, their cause is doomed in the long run.

    1. Infidel -- There has to be a better way to cope with a rapidly evolving society. Scapegoating and targeting gays, as you said, is a lost cause, and they will only paint themselves as retrograde and intolerant.


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