Saturday, February 22, 2014

LGBTQ Rights Activists Demonstrate Outside Ugandan Embassy

Earlier this month, members of the Kuchu Diaspora Alliance protested against Uganda's proposed anti-gay law outside of the Ugandan embassy in Washington D.C. (Hat tip to Political Research Associates)

Members of the American Religious Right who have promoted homophobia in Uganda and defended the anti-gay bill must open their eyes. They must recognize how homophobia is corrosive to human rights, and how the draconian anti-gay law would harm the country's LGBTQ community.


  1. I have no doubt that they have reasons to validity their bigotism. Not realizing that before they can justify it, they have to prove the existence of a god to make their book even remotely real.

    1. Christian -- Whatever their reasons, sane people have to call out the right's homophobia. I'm glad Kuchu Diaspora is doing so.

    2. Oh, I agree and am glad there are people showing these people are the bigots they pretend not to be.


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