Sunday, February 16, 2014

News Tidbits

Religion News Service: Bob Jones University fires firm hired to investigate sex abuse

Christian Post: Petition to Ban Controversial Christian Parenting Book From Amazon Nears 100,000 Signatures

Huffington Post: Thomas S. Monson, Mormon President, Faced with Fraud Charges

Pennlive: Gun rights proponent Ted Nugent spares no indictment of the liberal left during Harrisburg visit

The Tennessean: Former SNL star Victoria Jackson may run for Williamson County Commission

Los Angeles Times: ACLU, religious leaders sue L.A. County over cross on seal

LGBTQ Nation: Josh Duggar, failed Lt. Gov. candidate headline anti-gay rally outside Virginia court

Associated Press: Vatican surveys find Catholics reject sex rules

Reuters: Disgraced Catholic order denounces founder, apologizes to victims

Christian Science Monitor: Real-life Philomena presses Pope to open Ireland's forced adoption files

News-Press Now: Missouri same-sex couple denied Communion

Raw Story: Peter LaBarbera calls for U.S. version of Russian ‘gay propaganda’ law

Gay Star News: Spanish prosecutors investigating Cardinal who called gay people 'defective'

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