Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Commentary Tidbits

Redemption Pictures: Perhaps Love Bakes a Cake

Verdict: Sex Assaults at Evangelical Colleges, the United Nations, and the Vatican

Defeating the Dragons: Pensacola Christian College and sexual abuse victims

Ms. Magazine: I Wish the Pope Would Step Up

Political Research Associates: The Adoption Crunch, the Christian Right, and the Challenge to Indian Sovereignty

America Magazine: When the Law Is a Crime

GLAAD: Life imprisonment for being LGBT is the law in Uganda now

Deuche Welle: A Blow to Human Rights


  1. From America Magazine: Pope Francis has described gay people as “socially wounded” because “they feel like the church has always condemned them.” Catholics must examine how we contribute, perhaps even inadvertently, to a culture of fear and shame.

    Because the feel like the Church has always condemned them??? No doubt all those heretics who were burned at the stake felt a tad put-upon too, though I'm sure it was all in their heads, and certainly inadvertent.

    I'm glad to see that some groups in institutional Christianity have become aware enough to criticize the most horrific consequences of their taboos, such as the Ugandan law, but they clearly still have a ways to go.

    1. Infidel -- Agreed. The emergence of enlightened attitudes among Catholics is a good sign, but church doctrine remains homophobic and will continue to do harm until changed.


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