Saturday, October 19, 2013

News Tidbits

Religion News Service: John MacArthur vs. Mark Driscoll: Megachurch pastors clash over charismatic theology

Orange County Register: Saddleback pastor Rick Warren gets reaction from Asian Christians

Pew Research Center: Conservatives continue to oppose same-sex marriage but by smaller margins

Detroit Free Press: Detroit Baptist leader resigns after announcing she married a woman


  1. As for the Rick Warren jokes controversy, I could see how he didn't see problem with the whole "Kung Fu movie" skit, maybe he saw it as poking fun at those horribly cheesy movies, instead of the Asian people in them, but the whole Red Guard joke, he should have seen the problems with it, and the context in which he was saying it.

    Talk about a major foot in mouth moment.

    1. Sheldon -- It won't help Warren's image on race issues, that's for sure.


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