Thursday, October 3, 2013

Commentary Tidbits

Red Letter Christians: The theology of government shutdown: Christian dominionism

Equality Matters: Meet The Anti-Gay Pastor Fueling Fox News’ Christian Persecution Complex

Box Turtle Bulletin: American Anti-Gay Extremists Claim Credit for Cancellation of Belgrade Pride

Daily Kos: The Looming Sex Abuse Crisis for the Religious Right

Religion Dispatches: What The Church Needs More Than a ‘Good Pope’

Washington Post: At the United Nations, the Vatican is church and state. That needs to change.

Alternet: Jesus was a Pacifist, but Christianity Has Been an Accomplice to More Wars and Genocides Than Any Other Religion

Religion News Service: Billy Graham’s legacy is fading ‘into the mists of history’

Right Wing Watch: Joyner: 'Our Only Hope Is A Military Takeover'

Talk to Action: FRC Promotes Upcoming `Summit' With Fake Quote From The Father Of The Constitution

Political Research Associates: Profiles on the Right: Operation Rescue


  1. Love the irony of the message in the Alternet piece. Indeed, Jesus was a pacifist, unlike many who claim to follow him.

    1. Donna -- It stuns me that so many forget his teachings.


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