Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Commentary Tidbits

Washington Post: Five Christian theologies scarier than Halloween

The American Jesus: Christian Haunted Houses Are Evangelism Porn

The Advocate: 7 Scary Stories for a Homophobic Halloween

Political Research Associates: Hell Houses and the Gender Politics of the Religious Right

What Would J.T. Do? Thoughts on the soup kitchen that denied atheist volunteers

Defeating the Dragons: Learning the words: Disorder

Love, Joy, Feminism: Pulling the Victoria’s Secret Dance

Ramblings of Sheldon: Isolating Kids to Shield Them from "The World" Is Not Only Harmful, but Counter Productive


  1. Ditto Sheldon. And The Advocate is right. Christian Dominionism is way scarier than Halloween!

    1. Donna -- Definitely! I'll take ghouls and monsters over dominionists any day.


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