Wednesday, May 8, 2013

News Tidbits

The Tennessean: 'Christianity not for sissies,' evangelist Angus Buchan says at Mighty Men Conference in Murfreesboro

Christian Science Monitor: Elizabeth Smart speaks on human trafficking

Air Force Times: Freedom of Religion Vs. Freedom from Religion in the Military

Huffington Post: Rick Santorum Praises NRA as Constitution "Warriors"

News One: Lesbian Couple Told To Divorce Or Son Will Be Removed From Christian School

Edge Boston: Josh Ritter Protests Messiah College’s Gay Policy

The Advocate: Catholic Leaders Denounce Rhode Island Marriage Equality Law

Pink News: Rhode Island Bishop warns Catholics against attending gay weddings because it may ‘harm their relationship with God’

Pink News: Supporters of ‘gay cure’ therapy call for new hearing on New Jersey bill to ban it


  1. “Mentorship and role models, this country is desperate for them,” Buchan said.

    Why are these nitwits always convinced that the world is desperately looking to them for guidance?

    He went on to say he believed the country “was on the verge of the greatest revival the world has ever seen.”

    The funny thing is, I agree with him, but it's the final marginalization of people like him that will pave the way for that revival.

    Oh, and on the Advocate link, check out the archbishop's outfit. Not even in a gay pride parade have I seen anything that flamboyant. In Star Wars, maybe.

    1. Infidel -- On the verge of a revival? Maybe he was reading Lou Engle's playbook or something. These preachers are ALWAYS ranting about how a big revival is coming. Ugh.

      As for the Advocate photo, he's even got a nice pink hat! :)


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