Saturday, May 11, 2013

Commentary Tidbits

People for the American Way: Polygamy, Mass Murder, and the End of Capitalism: The Top Ten Religious Right Claims on the Consequences of Marriage Equality

Colorlines: The Missionary Movement to ‘Save’ Black Babies

The Ramblings of Sheldon: Exposing Extremism: Illinois Family Institute

Faith Forward: “Burn it all down” isn’t Christian: A Response to Mark Driscoll

Bilerico Project: Cardinal Dolan to LGBTs: Wash Your Hands Before Entering My Church

The New Civil Rights Movement: Gay Catholic Leaders Weigh In On Use Of NYPD To Bar Gay Catholics From St. Pat’s Cathedral

Alternet: My Big Virginity Mistake

Huffington Post: Gays and the Myth of the Christian Minority

Salon: Is the Catholic Church even trying to make sense on marriage equality?

Right Wing Watch: Religious Right Panelists at Awakening 2013: Gay Rights Activists are Christ-Hating Fascists

Bartholomew's Notes on Religion: Third Wave “Apostle” Calls For Homosexuality to Remain Criminalized in Singapore

RH Reality Check: Bishops Tap Veteran of Islamophobic, Homophobic Legal Shop as Top Flack


  1. thanks for a good list of must reads. They make me sad, but we need to be informed. Only then can we oppose injustice.

    1. Sherry -- Knowledge is the best tool in our toolkit.

  2. A belated thank you for including me in this list, Ahab.


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