Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Commentary Tidbits Will the Catholic Bishops Decide How You Die?

Politicus USA: The Constitution Is Under Attack as the Right Tries to Establish A State Religion

Homeschoolers Anonymous: Growing Up Gay Is Like Growing Up In A Warzone

The Advocate: Religion Shouldn't Be an Excuse for Discrimination

Truth Wins Out: What Is The Endgame Of The Anti-Gay Movement?

Think Progress: Ex-Gay Group NARTH Encourages Boy Scouts To Continue Anti-Gay Discrimination

RH Reality Check: Anti-Choice Protestors Bringing ‘In Your Face’ Tactics to a Family Event Near You


  1. The Reality Check article reminds me of a mess local government and law enforcement had here for several years in my town.

    Granite City, Illinois is home to Hope Clinic, one of the most successful abortion clinics in the Midwest (part of that is due to Illinois' lax regulations on abortion).

    There was an extremist group called Small Victories out of Highland, Illinois that felt the need to hold up bloody signs at all kinds of events, including a Christmas parade. Extra cops had to be put on standby at the parade, and officers would stand between anyone trying to approach them (city government was worried about fights breaking out).

    After several years of hostile reactions that ranged from people on floats throwing hard candy directly at their faces as they passed by, to people trying to park vehicles and buses in front of the protesters to hide the signs, they got the idea, and decided to keep their protests limited to the clinic itself from then on.

    1. Sheldon -- I wonder why fundamentalist protesters take so long to realize that their protests are NOT having the desired effect.


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