Monday, May 27, 2013

Commentary Tidbits

Stuff Fundies Like: The Nice Churches

Ramblings of Sheldon: What Are You Not Interpreting Correctly?

Good As You: Heather Has [A New Book Shunning Her] Two Mommies

Love, Joy, Feminism: Iowa Just Repealed ALL of Its Homeschooling Law


  1. Thanks for linking to my guest post!

    I read the Stuff Fundies Like article, I haven't read them in a while, what he said there could apply to any fundamentalist church, not just the IFB.

    I've had IFBers and other fundies say that to me "my church isn't like that"

    1. Sheldon -- You're welcome! I hope fundamentalists who claim that "my church isn't like that" are taking steps to make sure it doesn't end up that way.


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