Sunday, May 19, 2013

Commentary Tidbits

Alternet: 10 Ridiculous Christian Right Prophesies

Bitchspot: Catholic Schools Struggle to Survive

The Guardian: 'Purity' culture: bad for women, worse for survivors of sexual assault

Prairie Nymph: Confessions of a Billy Graham Crusade Phone Operator

The Way Forward: Domestic Violence in the IFB Church Movement

RH Reality Check: Adoption Imperialism: A Q&A With The Child Catchers Author Kathryn Joyce

Think Progress: Conservatives Warn Of AARP’s Support For ‘Homosexual Agenda’

Think Progress: The Losing Arguments Of Anti-LGBT ‘Alliance Defending Freedom’


  1. I can relate in a small way to the "Confessions" post. I volunteered for a Crusade once back in my Christian days, and was given similar material to use. Ugh, what was I thinking? It bugged me in the same way as Prairie Nymph described.

    The "10 prophecies" are disturbing but hilarious!

    1. Michelle -- It's a bind, definitely. Do you follow the script, or show compassion to people who need someone to talk to?


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