Monday, February 11, 2013

Commentary Tidbits

The Advocate: No Pass for Attending the National Prayer Breakfast

Pink News: A pro-gay Catholic Church leader? Don’t get your Popes up

Right Wing Watch: Barber & Staver: When the Constitution was Written, Homosexuality was a 'Crime Against Nature' Punishable by Death

Friendly Atheist: Christian Pastor: I'd Rather Experience Chinese Water Torture Than Listen to a Woman Argue with Me

The New Civil Rights Movement: Gay Marriage Is a "Pernicious Lie of Satan", Says Focus on the Family

Slacktivist: The problem with evangelical sexual ethics is that we haven’t got any


  1. I missed Hemant's piece on that Pastor and women. I really shouldn't be surprised, but holy crap! I've said it before and I will (probably say it many times again) I do not see how a woman could sign on to Christianity (to be fair, that would apply to most other religions as well).

    1. ReasonBeing -- I don't understand it either. What spiritual nourishment or happiness could a woman get from a religious group that constantly tells her she's inferior?


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