Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Commentary Tidbits

Barb's Gift of Gab: Hate is easy. Love takes courage.

The Way Forward: Evangelicals and Their Bible

Speaking When the World Sleeps: You can’t say no to God: conservative Christianity and consent

Religion Dispatches: Protesting Yoga in Schools, But Welcoming Bible Study

Red Letter Christians: When God No Longer Hates Fags

God Discussion: Americans triple their donations to Ugandan missions with introduction of 'kill the gays' legislation

Dallas Voice: Tim Tebow and Robert Jeffress were made for each other

San Diego Gay and Lesbian News: Disowning of gay children is the abomination

RH Reality Check: Increase in Legal Abortions in South Africa Galvanizes Anti-Choicers

Mother Jones: Insist That People Coexisted With Dinosaurs…and Get an A in Science Class!


  1. I'm a firm believer that ideas should not be respected. That is, even the soundest ideas -- such as the Theory of Evolution -- should be intelligently questioned. But intelligently questioned does not mean they should be challenged on a faith basis. That is anything but intelligently questioned, for ideas such as the Theory of Evolution are based on an overwhelming weight of reason and evidence, rather than on faith. At least not "faith" in the same sense of the word that a literal belief in Genesis is based on. Oklahoma House bill 1674 does nothing to promote critical thinking, nothing to promote scientific literacy, and nothing to promote the intelligent questioning of scientific ideas. Instead it gives a free pass to ideas that have little or no support besides faith.

    1. Paul -- Yes. We should evaluate all ideas, but do so with rational arguments and evidence.


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