Wednesday, February 27, 2013

News Tidbits

Dallas Voice: Anti-bill would cut funding for Texas school districts that offer domestic partner benefits

Dallas Voice: Robert Jeffress reaffirms anti-gay stance after Tebow controversy

Aljazeera: The rise of Europe's far-right voices

The Telegraph: Christian group challenges ban on gay poster campaign

Irish Independent: Get thee behind me, Satan: The secret world of Irish exorcists

New York Times: Germany: Morning-After Pill Allowed for the Victims of Rape, Bishops Say

Tribune 242: Bahamas Bishop: Gays Had Bad Childhood

AllAfrica: Liberia: Clergy Exclaims Against Gay Rights Advocates

Interfax: Ten Commandments Party Established in Russia

Gay Star News: Cameroon must uphold anti-gay law to 'protect' the world, say Catholic lawyers

Gay Star News: Ex-gay advocate says pro-gay school groups are like Nazi skinheads and KKK


  1. I don't know how you keep on doing this Ahab. I'm fighting the urge to cringe and cry. But thanks for soldiering on.

    1. Wise Fool: Thanks. You can cry if you want; we're not macho here.

      :: offers tisues ::


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