Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Commentary Tidbits

Friendly Atheist: A Proposed Religious Freedom Bill Would Exempt Religious Students from Work Conflicting with Their Beliefs

Pharyngula: Whoa, Missouri ... you’re not going to let this one pass, are you?

Slacktivist: White evangelicals and contraception: Reversal and revision redux

RH Reality Check: Urban Legends vs. The Pill: How the Christian Right Uses Propaganda Against Reproductive Rights

Love, Joy, Feminism: Birth Control: The Movie

Elizabeth Esther: Purity Culture Fallout: “I wanted to die because I had ruined ‘God’s plan for my life’”

Bitchspot: Apologetics: Not Even Speaking the Same Language

Religion Dispatches: Megachurch Pastor: We're “American Al Qaeda” for Opposing Homosexuality

Sunstone's Cafe: Can the Opposition of Fundamentalists to Homosexuals and Homosexuality be Explained as a Cultural Trait?


  1. If Tom Bartlett is right about the changing attitudes of Evangelical leaders towards gays, then the leaders have taken away the wrong message from their impending defeat. That is, they've taken away the message that they should be talking less about homosexuality and in less harsh terms, not the message that homosexuality is acceptable. As long as they don't concede that homosexuality is no more to be condemned than heterosexuality, they might as well be biding their time for when they can openly and virulently attack it again.

    1. Paul -- Spot-on. Either being LGBTQ is acceptable, or it isn't. I'm frustrated with religious leaders who pussyfoot around the subject.

    2. Well said Paul. The attitude that you and Bartlett describe is not a change in thought or belief, but rather, just a change in tactical behavior. It is that type of thing that can easily lead to further hate/discrimination in the future.

  2. Paul's link above has inspired me to throw shellfish eating parties. You're both invited. :)

    1. Donna -- Shellfish parties!? YES YES YES! I'll bring the Old Bay Seasoning!

    2. WHOOT! Sounds great to me!

      By the way, thanks for the shout-out, Ahab!

  3. Thanks for putting this together.


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