Friday, September 23, 2011

News Tidbits

Air Force Times: Schwartz: Don't endorse religious programs

Christian Science Monitor: Pope arrives in Berlin to a dissonant welcome

San Diego Gay and Lesbian News: Meet NOM's new face of hate: John C. Eastman

Fox 19: Miami University could host controversial Westboro Baptist Church

The Advocate: Candidate Vows to Unseat Town Clerk Who Refuses to Marry Gays

CNN: Mideast Action at UN Casts Spotlight on Christian Zionism

American Independent: Perry’s Israel support plays well with Jewish, evangelical voters for very different reasons

Florida Independent: Suspended Priests for Life leader compares supporting abortion rights to supporting terrorism

Minnesota Independent: Bachmann’s campaign hires reflect far right-wing Christianity


  1. The article on Jon Eastman in the "San Diego Gay and Lesbian News" caught my eye. (I'd still have my apartment in the heart of Hillcrest today and be active there in opposition to NOM, but for this recession.) What a battleground for the issue of Marriage Rights San Diego has become! Eastman was a clerk for Clarence Thomas...and any mention of Thomas always gives me nasty chills.

  2. Nance -- Clarence Thomas gives me the willies too, ever since the Anita Hill controversy.

    As for NOM, I understand former NOM head Maggie Gallagher is taking part in another anti-LGBT project.


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