Monday, September 26, 2011

Commentary Tidbits

New York Times: Why the Antichrist Matters in Politics

The American Prospect: The Bachmann Mystique

Atheist Camel: Seven Questions for Rick Perry

Crooks and Liars: Santorum: Socialists 'Teaming with Radical Islamists' to Spread Venom

They Gave Us a Republic: The Not So Great Generation

Box Turtle Bulletin: Scott Lively Admits "Love the Sinner/Hate the Sin" Was Just a Ruse

Daylight Atheism: The Duty of External Obedience

Right Wing Watch: Maddow Examines Cindy Jacobs's Claim That "The Land Is Starting To Rejoice" In Texas 

Christian Science Monitor: Does government do too much? That could depend on your view of God.

(Hat tip to Infidel753 for several of these links.)


  1. The first item, concerning Antichrist, especially caught my eye. All look interesting and relevant - I'm just short of time this morning. At one website I read on occasion I recently saw an article posing the question of whether the modern political conservative movement has become a religion. I'm thinking that in large part it has, sadly.

  2. Doug -- I am seeing more overlap between fundamentalist religion and right-wing politics, so you're definitely on to something.

  3. I love Rachel Maddow. That clip was great.

  4. On the NYTimes Antichrist piece: Some blogging wag friend posted a youtube video of Rick Perry Dancing With event that recalls the Christian Zionists' (affiliated with the Dominionists) work in Israel to bring about the Second Coming. At about halfway through this video, Rick does something very strange with the lighter. It looks like he sticks it down the back of his pants, but why? And, once the dancing gets going good, he signals his minions to bring this happy party to a halt.

    At some point, this Right Wing Watch has got to be fun, ya know?

  5. I think everybody knew that "love the sinner/hate the sin" stuff was a scam. It was just another way for the RRRW to abuse people while maintaining their air of righteousness.

  6. Buffy -- I didn't trust Lively for a minute. I doubt that leopard will ever change his spots.

    Nance -- Jazzy video! Thanks for sharing.

    Cognitive Dissenter -- Thanks!


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