Monday, September 19, 2011

Commentary Tidbits

Rethinking Vision Forum: Influencing the Homeschool Movement to take them into Patriarchy and Dominion

Advocatus Atheist: Insane Religious Speak

Media Matters: O'Reilly Returns To Demonizing Slain Abortion Clinic Doctor George Tiller

Dan Savage at Slog: Religious Conservatives Hate the HPV Vaccine Because They Want Women to Die

Politicus USA: John Hagee Says Hate is the Only Way to Save America

Truth Wins Out: TWO Protests Exodus in New Hampshire

Right Wing Watch: Bakker: "Anti-Christ Spirit" Of Liberalism Brining In The Last Days


  1. Wow, that piece on John Hagee was certainly a trip -- is there anyone that guy doesn't hate? (Even poor Harry Potter is a threat.)

  2. Donna -- Apparently not. We're all evulz!

  3. Sad is the word that comes to mind as I scan those titles. Sad and perhaps nausea. What a warped worldview some folks hold.

  4. Doug -- Indeed. That's why it's so important that people speak out against the Religious Right, so that this worldview doesn't become a reality.

  5. Jim Bakker needs a lobotomy. Oh wait, I think he had one decades ago...

  6. Knatolee -- :: chuckles ::

    I was a child when Jim Bakker's scandals erupted, so I only vaguely remember him. Was he always this odd?


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