Sunday, May 8, 2011

News Tidbits

MSNBC: Feds suing more anti-abortion activists

Chicago Tribune: Wheaton College group offers support for LGBTs

Times Record Online: School Ends Teacher’s Prayer Practice

The Advocate: Minnesota Lawmaker: How Many Gays Must God Create?

San Diego Gay and Lesbian News: GLAAD calls on FOX Houston to apologize for broadcasting extremist views in response to “Glee” anti-bullying episode

Beliefnet: After Court Gives OK, Christians Mark National Day of Prayer

Stamford Advocate: State Baptist Convention Gathers in Stamford

SFGate: Catholic lawsuit rejected by Supreme Court

Iowa Independent: Groups advocating anti-gay and anti-abortion policies plan increased spending through 2012

American Independent: Florida tea party leader compares her group to Jesus, says God’s on their side


  1. Thanks for the links, Ahab. I only read the good news today, i.e. the feds are filing more lawsuits against anti-abortion activists. The rest I skimmed over. With some, the headline says it all.

  2. Hi Ahab!

    So, what do you imagine are the chances Shirley Dobson invited a Hindu, a Reformed Jew, a moderate Muslim, or even a Liberal Methodist to pray with her on National Evangelical Day of Prayer? Excuse me, I meant "National Day of Prayer". I don't know how that "Evangelical" slipped in there.

  3. Because I have a strong sense of the ridiculous, I read the American Independent piece about FLA Tea Party leader, Billie Tucker, and her commune with God via the sunset. Love the bit about liberals and their "big money."

  4. Cognitive Dissenter -- Alas, I've been busy, but I'll have something meatier to post very soon. I have a film review that I need to finish for the blog this week, and I'll be attenting a large Religious Right event this weekend. Stay tuned!

    Paul -- About the same chances as me becoming a fundamentalist! :)

    Donna -- Perhaps she should look into the Koch Brothers if she's concerned about "big money."

  5. Hey... I keep running into you at 'Feather A Drift'. Greatly appreciated your mention of Eric Hofer.... whom I have admired for years. Rather inspired my last blog post. Thanks.
    read your 'mission statement' here...couldn't agree more. keep it up!

    just wanted to say Hi.
    Have a great day.

  6. Okjimm -- Welcome! I'm glad you stopped by.

  7. Ahab, I apologize if this is already on your blog somewhere (I didn't see it), but have you heard about this story? If I were an American woman, I would be very, very concerned...

  8. And here's another one, which does give me hope for my country, cuz they fired the fool:


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