Tuesday, May 3, 2011

News Tidbits

Beliefnet: Jews, Evangelicals Search for Ways to Discuss Israel

365 Gay: Rhode Island diocese urges civil unions rejection

New York Times: Atheists Seek Chaplain Role in the Military

My San Antonio: Students eye gay resource centers' funds

Pink Paper: Head of Australian Christian Lobby apologizes for gay Twitter slur

Florida Independent: Pat Robertson’s law firm defends Texas bus driver who refused to take woman to Planned Parenthood

American Independent: Santorum: Two-parent households are economically better unless they are gay

American Independent: Palin tells pregnant women in crises to ‘hang in there’ at Heroic Media fundraiser


  1. The RRRW is always telling pregnant women to "hang in there"...then as soon as the baby is born they're telling them "screw you, you're not getting any of MY tax money--should have kept your legs shut you lazy (redacted)". "Pro-life" only applies to the fetus. Born humans need to be able to fend for themselves or suffer the consequences.

  2. Ah, the ignorance. I thought it was common knowledge that same-sex couples do better financially than their counterparts, but maybe that's a Canadian statistic / trivia that I heard somewhere.

  3. Good to know Santorum is still a bigoted moron..

  4. Buffy -- This inconsistency has always made my head spin.

    Exfundy -- When more people realize that gay and lesbian households can be just as stable as heterosexual ones, I will rejoice.

    Knatolee -- He has been the cause of many facepalms.


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