Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Commentary Tidbits

The Sun News: Franklin Graham: The next Jerry Falwell?

The Public Eye: Lively's Lies: A Profile of Scott Lively 

Voice from the Desert: ’Arrogant clericalism’ never assessed in John Jay report

Good As You: Minnesota's chief anti-equality lobby: 'Accepting homosexuals as normal victimizes homosexuals themselves'

Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters: An anti-bullying initiative NO ONE needs 

RH Reality Check: Anti-Choice Groups Oppose Anti-Terrorism Legislation

Media Matters: Media Matters Revisits Right-Wing Media Prophesies That Obama Is The Antichrist


  1. Interesting how NOM is continuously fraternizing with official hate groups, and frequently regurgitating hate speech, yet they whine when they're called haters.

    Good old ADF. They pretend they're against bullying of any kind. Meanwhile their "anti-bullying program" means you can't say "don't bully gay kids" (because that would be "homosexual indoctrination") but it would be considered "anti-Christian bullying" if anybody dared say a thing to the Christian kid who telling the gay kid he deserved to die and burn in hell because he was gay.

  2. Buffy -- The double standard blows my mind.


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