Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Commentary Tidbits

Religion Dispatches: Exclusive: Liberty Law Exam Question on Notorious Kidnapping Case Pressured Students to Choose “God’s Law” over “Man’s”

Noodleepoodlee: Onward Christian Soldiers: The Dominionists' Crusade

Dispatches from the Culture Wars: What Real Historians Think of David Barton

Cognitive Dissenter: Why Mitt Romney's Mormonism Matters

Ms. Magazine: Treatment Denied

Right Wing Watch: Porter: Tornadoes Due To Legal Abortion, Israel Policy

Media Matters: Discussing His Future Plans, Beck Says He's "Seen The Finger Of God. ... You Will See The Entire Arm Of God"

San Diego Gay and Lesbian News: Episcopalian priest: Time to clean up anti-gay toxins Anglicans dispensed via evangelism

Talk to Action: Tim LaHaye: The King of the Apocalyp$e Returns

Mother Jones: Gingrich, Bachmann to Address Wannabe Hate Group

Alternet: 10 Great Things About America That Drive Conservatives and the Religious Right Insane
(Hat tip to Politics Plus)


  1. Hey there,
    Thanks for picking up my post in your commentary section. Will spend some time checking out your blog. Glad to see others taking on these issues.

  2. Noodleepoodlee -- Welcome!

  3. Thanks Ahab! I'm still mulling that topic over in my mind and have been for awhile. I posted in part to get a discussion going and to hear what others have to say about it. That kind of dialogue is always very educational for me.

  4. Cognitive Dissenter -- You're welcome. It has certainly generated a lot of responses at your blog.


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