Monday, May 16, 2011

Commentary Tidbits

Atheist Oasis: The Christian Agenda: Eradicate the Gays!

The Atlantic: American Scripture: How David Barton Won the Christian Right

Washington Monthly: Targeting the Very Existence of Public Schools 

Georgia Politico: Georgia Republican Compares Tornado Victims to Idolaters Praying to FEMA

Edge Boston: NOM Resorts to False Facts in NY Marriage Fight, Says HRC

The DV8: A Parable Updated

Truthout: Evangelical Homophobia-Planting in Uganda: A Tough Seed With Poisonous Fruit

The Daily Beast: The Uganda Anti-Gay Bill's U.S. Roots

Talk to Action: Atlanta Pastor Solicits $ For Co-Author of Uganda's "Kill The Gays" Bill

Religion Dispatches: Trump to Meet with Controversial Televangelist Today 

RH Reality Check: Minnesota State Rep. Wants to Ban Abortions for the "Ladies" Sake

Joe. My. God: New York: Anti-Gay Group Launches "Mayday for Marriage" Statewide Tour

San Diego Gay and Lesbian News: The quiet genocide – a call for religious conscience and action 

Mother Jones: One Man's Crusade Against Fundamentalist Claptrap

Mother Jones: The Tea Party Wants to Teach Your Kids About the Constitution

Truthdig: Your Taxes Fund Anti-Muslim Hatred
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