Thursday, April 14, 2011

News Tidbits

Beliefnet: Court Dismisses Challenge to National Day of Prayer

Pennlive: Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum takes next step toward 2012 Republican presidential primary

Daily Monitor: Ugandan cabinet wants gays bill dropped

New York Times: Uganda: Pulling Out All the Stops to Push an Antigay Bill

The Advocate: Message to Gay Conservatives: Be Less Gay UK Government hands services for trafficked women to religious evangelicals

American Independent: Archbishop Chaput pushes to deny communion to pro-abortion rights Catholic politicians

American Independent: Colorado Christian group gave suspect civil unions poll data to Judiciary Committee

Edge Boston: Illinois Lawmakers Seek to ’Blindside’ GLBT Families with Anti-Gay Amendment

Florida Independent: Resolution would allow voters to repeal ban on state funding for religious organizations


  1. Love the "be less gay" advice. (sigh)

  2. Not really related to the above, but I thought you'd find this interesting:

    In Canada, our leaders hide their evangelical religious beliefs!

  3. Donna Banta -- Aye. My advice to homophobes is "be less narrow-minded."

    Knatolee -- I'll take a look at it. Thanks!

  4. The headlines alone make me want to pull out more than a few hairs. Discouraging news from the federal court finding that private citizens do not have standing to challenge the National Day of Prayer. Wow.

    Maybe a bunch of us should collaborate on a well-researched and informative/objective article advocating for right-wingers to be less stupid?

  5. Cognitive Dissenter -- Heh! We've got the research in spades!


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