Monday, April 25, 2011

Commentary Tidbits

Politics Plus: Would Churches Care for the Poor?

The Wall of Separation: Cross Purpose: Religious Right Lawyers Secularize Christian Symbol To Get Utah Case Before Supreme Court

John Corvino at 365 Gay: What the Bible Doesn't Say

RH Reality Check: The Authoritarian Agenda Behind Attacks on Contraception

Talking Points Memo: Terry Jones Threatens To Sue MI Officials After Arrest Over $1 Peace Bond

Village Voice: Hip, Edgy Evangelicals Come to Godless East Village 

Right Wing Watch: Creationists Warn That Teaching Evolution Leads To "Homosexual Indoctrination"


  1. Oh my god! Teaching children how to think rationally encourages them to be tolerant and kind to homosexuals?? We can't have THAT!

    //sarcasm off


  2. Cognitive Dissenter -- I second that sigh.

  3. They're almost right. It's actual evolution that leads to tolerance for homosexuals.

  4. Those hip, edgy Evangelicals were pretty funny. Wonder how many West Villagers they lured into the cigar bar.

  5. Donna Banta -- Perhaps a more progressive message under all the hip wrappings would be more successful?

  6. I like the "What the Bible doesn't say" article. The Bible, being absolutely irrelevant for our time, shouldn't be the criterion to accept homosexuality or not. To me it's a non-issue, and it saddens me when LGTB community members try to use it to justify their actions. They are who they are, and no book should legitimize or condemn them.

  7. Exfundy -- I do think that many people (left-wing, right-wing, and center) try to read things into Scripture that aren't necessarily there. Since the Bible was written in a culture that lacked our understanding of homosexuality, I don't know how much it can contribute to the modern conversation on LGBT issues.

  8. If crosses are "secular" then why is it only religious groups and individuals whine when their placement on public property (and with taxpayer dollars) are challenged?

    Of course the authoritarians want contraception banned along with abortion. They want to keep women forever chained to the home, with litters of children to care for, so they have no choice or control over their lives. What better way to enforce patriarchy than to ensure women are dependent on men from cradle to grave?


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