Saturday, April 9, 2011

Commentary Tidbits

Media Matters: Glenn Beck’s Fox News Show Ending

Media Matters: Pat  Robertson: "The Problem Is" Ivory Coast "Has Been Run By A Christian That's Going To Be Into The Hands Of Muslims"

Salon: Christian right stands by its man in Ivory Coast

Salon: Evangelical Liberty University received half a billion dollars in federal aid money

Politicus USA: David Barton's Plan for Biblical Slavery for America

Texas Freedom Network Insider: The Chuck Norris Amendment

RH Reality Check: Fame Comes with Anti-Choice Shift

John Culhane at 365 Gay: How the National Organization for Marriage rewrote my words

Religion Dispatches: Coming Out on a Christian Campus, Then and Now

Towleroad: Newt Gingrich Confronted About Funding Anti-Gay Hate Group

Dispatches from the Culture Wars: Trump Could Get Religious Right Support


  1. "Student Centers for Family and Traditional Values"

    What will they do there, play re-runs of "Leave it to Beaver as documentaries and teach the men how to properly subjugate women and black folk?

    Abigail Seidman sounds certifiably insane.

    The only way the NOMbies get anywhere is to distort the words of others, lie, obfuscate and fearmonger. They know they don't have the truth on their side so they have no other choice.

  2. When I saw that the video of TX Rep. Christian was shot on April 1, I almost wondered if it was intended as a joke. But then I remembered, oh yeah, this is the TX Legislature. I know it well, having lived there.

    The Chuck Norris Amendment. Wow. Thanks for sharing Ahab.

  3. Buffy -- Don't forget weekly writing assignments on how not to catch the gay! (Just kidding.)

    As for Seidman, she's said some "interesting" things about an abortion clinic.

    Donna Banta -- Unfortunately, it's not an April Fool's joke.


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