Sunday, April 24, 2011

Commentary Tidbits -- Easter Edition

Happy Easter to all my readers!

Politicus USA: An Easter Lesson from a Small Church that Defied the Agenda of Hate

Talk to Action: Extreme Over Easter: AFA Declares War on Ohio Town's Spring Egg Hunt

Daily Kos: The War on Easter?

Religion Dispatches: Eddie Long Off the Cross in Time for Easter?


  1. Easter hate agenda, war on egg hunts ... Thank god this blessed holiday only happens once a year!

  2. Donna Banta -- Just wait until Christmas!

  3. That first one about the Kentucky Christian church whose members actually act like Christians and have taken a firm stand in support of gay marriage was a lovely read. So wonderful to know not all purported followers of Christ are hateful. You have renewed my faith in humanity. I needed that today! Thank you, Ahab!!

  4. Buffy -- As if the manufactured "war on Christmas" wasn't enough ...

    Cognitive Dissenter -- I'm glad!

  5. By any chance, did you see Lawrence O'Donnell on MSNBC tonight? He gave a lesson in New Testament, hosted Franklin Graham, and invited Rush Limbaugh to discuss his "What Would Jesus Take?" meme on The Last Word. Worth locating this video, which should be available tomorrow morning:

  6. Nance -- Sounds interesting. Thanks for the tip!


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