Monday, April 4, 2011

News Tidbits

The Advocate: Hate Messages for Prop. 8 Plaintiffs

The Advocate: Pastor: Ricky Martin Will Drag Us to Hell

CNN: Timeline of Florida's Quran-Burning Pastor

CNN: Tax Credits for Religious School Scholarships Ruled Constitutional

Washington Post: Anti-abortion rights groups rent space near controversial abortion provider 

American Independent: Group administers Indiana federally-funded marriage program while leading push for anti-gay marriage amendment


  1. Thanks for the update. -- I'm struck by how much these churches are against versus what they are for. I know some do good works, but it always seems to be eclipsed by the hate speech.

  2. Donna Banta -- The good news is that not all churches are like that. Unfortunately, the churches making bad choices seem to overshadow the ones doing good.


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