Thursday, October 28, 2010

Update on the Lauren Valle Beating

In the wake of an attack on Lauren Valle by several Rand Paul supporters this week, new information is slowly becoming available. According to New York Daily News and the Louisville Courier-Journal, Tim Profitt donated almost $2,000 to Rand Paul's campaign, which the campaign is not returning. As you may recall, Profitt was former Bourbon County campaign coordinator for the Rand Paul campaign, and the man who stomped on Valle's head during the attack. Also, ABC News reports that Kentucky police are considering two more arrests in connection with the beating.

Voices from across the political spectrum are offering commentary on the attack. James Brady at Greenpeace commended Valle's grace and courage in standing up for her beliefs. On Wednesday's Hardball, Chris Matthews expressed disgust at the beating. On The Colbert Report, Steven Colbert mocked the attackers with his unique flair.

Other commentators were not so kind. According to Media Matters, Rush Limbaugh called Valle a "professional agitator" and claimed that reports of the attack were exaggerated. Gateway Pundit blogger Jim Hoft condemned Valle as an "unhinged leftist". In a recent tweet, radio host Neal Boortz joked about someone standing on a Media Matters' staffer's head. Firedog Lake reports that several right-wing blogs have mocked Valle and insinuated that she brought on the attack.

And what about all the Religious Right figures who endorsed Rand Paul, including James Dobson, Jim DeMint, and Concerned Women for America? Surely they've spoken out against such un-Christlike behavior from Paul's supporters, right?

:: crickets chirping ::

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  1. I heard about this. It only figures that inbred, limp-dicked Conserva-tards would accuse her of provoking the attack. It's the same anti-logic they use all the time. Like gays and transvestites provoking violence just by walking around in public, with no mention of our guarantee to be free of persecution in this country. I love watching fascists spin things their way.


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