Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Commentary Tidbits

Talk to Action: Alarming Amendment: Fundamentalists Use "Personhood" Proposal to Invade America's Bedrooms

Freak Out Nation: Tea Partiers Are Instructed on Control and Manipulation

Politicus USA: The GOP is Living on a Prayer

Dispatches from the Culture Wars: DOJ Files Brief in Tennessee Mosque Case

Godless Liberal Homo: Christian Taliban More Openly Expresses Opposition to Birth Control

Religion Dispatches: Dads Against Daughters Dating

Religion Dispatches: Replacing Godless Hollywood with Bible-Based "Cultural Dominion"

Religion Dispatches: Are School Districts Getting the Message on Government-Sponsored Prayer?

RH Reality Check: Voters Turn On Anti-Choice Extremism

Right Wing Watch: Christine O'Donnell: Pray "That The Eyes of the Voters Be Opened"

Truth Wins Out: No Maggie…And You Don’t Have Any Blood In Your Heart Either

Salon: The 10 most terrifying would-be congressmen   (Trigger warning)

Salon: Husband confronts abortion protesters

Media Matters: Beck: "The Satanists in today's world ... look rational, look open-minded. They're tolerant."

SPLC Hatewatch: Religious Right Claims Gay Advocates to Blame for Suicides

SPLC Hatewatch: New Report Examines ‘Tea Party Nationalism,’ Charts Extremist Ties

Prop 8 Trial Tracker: NOM, Brian Brown, Rick Santorum, and Tony Perkins invade Iowa for “Judge Bus Tour” — Courage there to cover it

Prop 8 Trial Tracker: NOM-Driven Iowa for Freedom Gets Smacked Down. Hard.

Ex-Gay Watch: Book Review: The Complete Christian Guide to Understanding Homosexuality, Part I, Part II, and Part III

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