Friday, October 29, 2010

Commentary Tidbits

Jeff Sharlet at CNN: Is the Tea Party becoming a religious movement?

Right Wing Watch: Taking the Tea Party Seriously

Right Wing Watch: FRC To Fight Coverage For Birth Control Because "Fertility Isn't a Disease"

Think Progress: GOP Senate Candidate Ken Buck: ‘I Disagree Strongly With The Concept Of Separation Of Church And State’

Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters: Why can't the religious right stop denigrating gay suicide victims?

Zack Ford Blogs: Halloween Special: Catholic Materials for Young Adults

John Corvino at 365 Gay: What do we do with Evangelicals who ‘want to help’?

Lez Get Real: Randy Roberts Potts, Grandson of Oral Roberts, ‘It Gets Better’

Truth Wins Out: Linda Harvey and Other Religious Right Leaders Still in Damage Control Mode

RH Reality Check: Daughters of The Right Wing

RH Reality Check: Stoking Fire: Donuts, Candy Canes, Fetuses and Free Speech in New Mexico

Religion Dispatches: Is Downward Dog the Path to Hell?

Religion Dispatches: Nikki Haley: Churches Should Take Over Universal Pre-K Education

Media Matters: Attack on MoveOn worker is just the latest example of right-wing violence

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