Friday, October 22, 2010

Commentary Tidbits

Religion Dispatches: The Latest Suspicious Ex-Muslim

Truthout: Why Christine O’Donnell Is Not a Joke

Marie Fortune at FaithTrust Institute: Dear Bishop Long

Frank Schaeffer: PBS “God in America” Interview with Frank Schaeffer

Talk to Action: New Apostolic Reformation Leaders Burn Native Art

Think Progress: Glenn Beck Brings ExxonMobil-Linked Religious Front Group to Tell Christians Not to Believe in Climate Change

Media Matters: Beck warns that "you are going to see a split in our churches" and that some will be "more state-run"

Media Matters: Beck brings on guest to root out "American Native," "new age pantheistic," "Hindu," "Buddhist" thinking from our churches

Media Matters: Beck claims Tides and progressives pose a threat to "your religious liberty"

RH Reality Check: Catholics United Stands Up To Susan B. Anthony List, As Anti-Choice NRLC Defends Lies

Politico: NAACP report to tie Tea Party, 'hate groups'

Right Wing Watch: Gohmert: God has Ordained Christians to Run the Country

Right Wing Watch: Personhood USA Calls President Obama the “Angel of Death”

Liberal Values: A Tea Party Insult To the Founding Fathers

(Hat Tip to Infidel753 for the last item.)

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