Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Today's Orange Horrors, and Glimmers of Hope

New York Times: Trump Nominates Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court

NPR: Senate Democrats Block Committee Votes On 2 Trump Nominees

GQ: ACLU Executive Director Anthony Romero on the Immigration Ban and Readying for War with Trump

ABC News: EU Chief Sees Trump Announcements as Threats

KOMO News: Officers criticized for use of pepper spray during weekend protest at Sea-Tac airport

CBS News: Columbus police use pepper spray to disperse anti-Trump protesters

We still have many reasons to be hopeful.

NBC Bay Area: California to Take Up Sanctuary State Legislation

NBC 4 Washington: Virginia Joins Federal Court Case Challenging Immigration Order

USA Today: San Francisco sues Trump over sanctuary city order

New York Times: Starbucks, Exxon, Apple: Companies Challenging (or Silent on) Trump’s Immigration Ban

Ars Technica: At PAX South, gamers gather to protest Trump


  1. This past week and a half has been surreal. In that short time period I've watched many of the people who were smug when Trump won in November become first defensive, then uncomfortable, and then fearful.

    1. Agi Tater -- It's a surreal and frightening time to be an American. I never thought I'd see a president like this in my lifetime.

      As for the Trump supporters who are experiencing buyer's remorse, what did they expect? Trump made no secret of his intentions before the election, and the emptiness of his mind and heart were obvious. How could they vote for him?


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