Friday, January 27, 2017

Commentary Tidbits

Flunking Sainthood: Do Mormons leave the Church because they ‘got offended’?

Slate: “This Evil Is All Around Us”: Trump’s pick for the CIA, Mike Pompeo, sees foreign policy as a vehicle for holy war.

The New Civil Rights Movement: The LGBT March on DC Is Happening: Five Post-Election Reasons This Is Important

The Atlantic: Will the Pro-Life Movement Split With Trump on Issues Other Than Abortion?

Religion News Service: March for Life buoyant over Trump’s anti-abortion promises


  1. Some intriguing data at the Flunking Sainthood link -- notably that, for young people, the Mormon Church's anti-LGBT stance ranks as high as third among reasons for leaving. Since only a small minority of people are LGBT, this shows that younger straight people are growing up with strongly sympathetic views, even in one of the country's most conservative religious communities.

    An encouraging sign for the future, except from the viewpoint of Republicans.

    1. Infidel -- Very encouraging. Younger generations are shaping the discourse in positive ways.


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