Monday, January 30, 2017

News Tidbits

Metro Weekly: GOP Congressmen to reintroduce anti-LGBT First Amendment Defense Act

Talking Points Memo: Religious Groups Speak Out Against Trump Refugee Order

News Channel 5: Yarn Shop Owner Turns Away 'Women's Movement' Knitters

Santa Fe New Mexican: Fifth Navajo sues Mormon church over alleged sexual abuse

Huffington Post: Judge Blocks Texas From Implementing ‘Fetal Burial’ Rule — Again

Pink News: South Africa: Bishop who claimed there are no gay animals besieged by protestors

New Zealand Stuff: Conversation about LGBT and sexuality not allowed at Festival One

Hamilton Spectator: Canada: Christian Heritage Party takes Hamilton to court over removed anti-transgender ads


  1. Alarming piece from Metro Weekly. Trump has emboldened the hate crowd. Yet ... I'm seeing lots of division in the ranks. As I said in a comment to another post below, I really don't think this can last. His extremely unpopular actions in just his first week are political hot potatoes.

    His own party is going to have to take him out. And with all of his conflicts of interest, it can't be that hard.

    1. Agi Tater -- I don't think this will last four years. Trump's decisions have provoked backlash from the public, officials, and lawmakers, and that will have real consequences.


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