Monday, December 14, 2015

News Tidbits

Religion News Service: Japanese Americans remember Pearl Harbor backlash and support Muslims

On Top Magazine: James Dobson: Evangelicals 'Coalescing Around' Ted Cruz Over His Objection To Marriage Equality

WYMT: Women no longer accepted at Christian homeless shelter after "sex problem"

Associated Press: Indiana Christian College Gets Exemption from Federal LGBT Protections

Vancouver Sun: B.C. Supreme Court rules in favor of Trinity Western University law school


  1. Regarding the first article- about Japanese American's supporting the refugees...The US wasn't as good a guy during WWII that we like to think we were. Sure we put a stop to what was going on- but we refused Jewish refugees from coming here. How many lives could have been saved if we'd have opened our doors? We treated our own, Japanese American's, like trash. We put them in camps for f*ck's sake! (do you allow swearing on this blog?) =) We even had German POW's here, put them in camps all over the US and treated them better than our Japanese citizens. Its happening all over again, just change out Japanese for Muslim. Didn't we learn our lesson?

    One thing that's been interesting to watch, is how my kids have responded to the news coverage on this issue. Its opened the door to some really great discussions.

    1. Heather -- Absolutely. Americans like to think of the U.S. as a heroic Nazi-fighter and liberator, but the truth was much more complicated. Unfortunately, the U.S. has failed to learn from many lessons in its history.

      I'm pleased that you and your family are having good conversations about these issues.

  2. "We even had German POW's here, put them in camps all over the US and treated them better than our Japanese citizens."

    True. Heck. We treated German POWs better than our returning African-American veterans. The Germans got to eat in the regular dining car of trains, the African-American soldiers had to eat in segregated dining cars. We have to face up to the fact that we are a racist country. Not as bad as it was when southerners were lynching African-Americans and getting away with it, but racism still runs deep in this country.

    1. Shaw -- This country has many sins for which it must atone. I hope the U.S. doesn't add to its list of sins by enacting stupid policies toward refugees or religious minorities in this atmosphere of fear.

  3. Thanks for the always interesting (and maddening) articles, Ahab.


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