Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Commentary Tidbits

Right Wing Watch: Kevin Swanson: Hillary Clinton Will Lead 'Tremendous Majorities of American Kids' To Homosexuality

US Weekly: Why Anna Won't Leave

Green Eagle: Fascism? 

Stonekettle Station: War Face


  1. MAJORITIES of kids! Wow, that's amazing. Even the most generous estimate of the gay + bi population tops out at 10%.

    1. Anonymous -- Kevin Swanson never let little things like statistics or logic thwart him.

    2. Oh, Hillary's going to use her Satanic lesbo witchcraft powers to turn all the kids gay. Remember, these people think a few sessions of scolding and Bible platitudes can "cure" gay people, so why shouldn't we agents of Satan be able to do it the other way around?

      Interesting that Swanson describes "the Greek form of education" as "very ugly stuff". He's probably afraid the schools are going to start teaching logic (fat chance of that these days).

    3. Infidel -- Swanson has some very distorted ideas about what "Greek" education entails.


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