Saturday, December 5, 2015

Commentary Tidbits

Roger E. Olson: A Call for American Evangelical Leaders to Confront Evangelicalism’s Lunatic Fringe

Nate Sparks: Modesty: A Redux

Friendly Atheist: How the Religious Right is Radicalizing Generations of Fundamentalist Domestic Terrorists

Love, Joy, Feminism: Christian Terrorist Robert Dear and the Army of God

New York Times: The Toll of Violent Anti-Abortion Speech

Washington Post: Antiabortion rhetoric unwittingly unleashes the unhinged

The Guardian: Working at Planned Parenthood: 'Every day, someone threatened to kill me'

Reuters: The Vatican can’t seem to get out of the secrets business

Huffington Post: Here's All The Nonsense 2016 Republicans Have Spouted About Climate Change


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