Monday, September 28, 2015

News Tidbits

Religion News Service: Hundreds shut out of sole session on gays at World Meeting of Families

Reuters: Pope Francis backs ‘conscientious objection’ to marriage licenses for gay couples

Los Angeles Times: Junipero Serra statue at Carmel Mission vandalized days after he was made a saint

On Top Magazine: Kim Davis Honored At FRC's Values Voter Summit

NPR: Hot Topics At Values Voter Summit: Boehner, Trump, Kim Davis

Associated Press: Conservatives pumped up by Boehner's stepping down warn 2016 field: Defy us at your own peril

KGTV ABC 10: Girl barred from San Diego Christian school due to lesbian parents

WLWT 5: Street preacher caught on video ripping pages out Quran at Wright State University

Salt Lake Tribune: Conversion therapies don’t work, experts say, so why do gay Mormons still seek them out?


  1. I'd read that piece in the SL Tribune. Very disturbing. Also the case of the girl who was banned from school because of her parents. Where are these people's values?

    1. Donna -- This isn't the first time a religious school has treated a student unfairly for having LGBTQ parents.

      It's cruel and immoral to not only promote homophobia, but to punish a child for something beyond their control.


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