Friday, September 25, 2015

Commentary Tidbits

My Naptime Journal: Yes, We're Still Talking About This (Trigger warning)

Battered Sheep: What Language Does Your Church Speak? The Language of Abusive Churches and Groups

Samantha Field: Huckabee and the Downfall of Western Civilization

This Ain't Livin': The right’s clever hold on rhetoric

New York Times: Bible Belt Atheist

Think Progress: Pope Extends His Support To Nuns Fighting Against Obamacare’s Birth Control Coverage

Religion Dispatches: How to Make Nones and Lose Money: Study Shows Cost of Catholic Sex Abuse Scandals

Gay Star News: Why Pope must act on Catholic adoption agencies refusing to place kids with gay parents


  1. Every member of a fundamentalist church or other cult should read the Battered Sheep piece, and understand how the dominants in their group are using language to manipulate. This is exactly the kind of thing Orwell warned us about.

    1. Infidel -- Absolutely. It's disturbing how much fundamentalist Christianity relies on thought-terminating cliches and loaded words to mold the minds of believers.


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