Tuesday, September 1, 2015

News Tidbits

CNN: SCOTUS: Kentucky clerk must issue same-sex marriage licenses

NPR: Planned Parenthood Fights Back 

Wall Street Journal: Donald Trump Plans Meeting With Evangelicals

The Guardian: Hillary Clinton likens GOP candidates to terrorists for 'extreme' views on women 

Gay Star News: Cruz, Santorum, Jindal and Carson sign pledge to repeal gay marriage

Washington Blade: Walker latest GOP candidate to make ‘religious freedom’ pledge

The Advocate: Josh Duggar's Hypocrisy Is No 'Excuse to Live in Sin,' Scolds Tony Perkins

Associated Press: Ahead of pope's visit to US, some friction over LGBT issues

Philadelphia Gay News: Conversion-therapy backers among World Meeting participants 

Entertainment Tonight: Josh Duggar's Family Speaks Out: 'I Hope He Gets Broken in Rehab'


  1. Josh Duggar's issues can't be fixed by rehab- especially if its religious based. This move is a sorry cry for public forgiveness- which I think he's seeking. Being raised in an extremely sexually repressed home has NOT done him any favors, and in my opinion, its the cause of so much of this drama. Fundamentalism breeds these types of behaviors...

    1. Heather -- His sexually suffocating, fundamentalist upbringing may not have caused these problems, but it definitely exacerbated them. I doubt that more of the same will help him resolve his sexual pathologies, even if he's truly repentant (which I doubt).

  2. The thrice divorced (before she found Jesus) Kentucky clerk needs to find a job that won't conflict with her current religious ideas.

    1. Maybe a marriage counselor? If that doesn't give her enough of an outlet for her hypocrisy, she could always tear the wings off of butterflies during her leisure time to make herself feel better.

    2. I didn't realize she had been divorced 3 times. Sheesh!

    3. Jono -- She should have resigned from her county clerk job if she was uncomfortable with providing licenses to same-sex couples. She could have saved herself so much trouble by taking a graceful way out.

      Agi Tater -- Definitely! She fails to realize how cruel her stubbornness is to same-sex couples who want to marry.

      Donna -- Yep. Sanctity of marriage my hiney. As I recall, her Bible forbids divorce and remarriage, but she conveniently forgets that. Fundamentalists love to cherry-pick.


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