Tuesday, January 6, 2015

News Tidbits

Pew Research Center: Faith on the Hill: The Religious Composition of the 114th Congress

New York Times: Home Schooling: More Pupils, Less Regulation

Edge Media Network: Virginia: Hope Bill Targets Conversion Therapies 

Pink News: Catholic bishops: Equal marriage in Florida ‘threatens religious liberty’


  1. I'm torn over the home schooling issue. I send all of my own kids to public schools but I'm sooooo frustrated with the way they test and test. But I know I couldn't personally teach my kids what they need to know.

    This issue is just like breastfeeding vs bottle feeding or a working mom vs SAHM. Ultimately its about whats best for the child and if their needs are being met.

    1. Heather -- The best interest of the child is paramount. In some situations, homeschooling can be effective IF the child is taught well and IF their education is not being used as a vehicle of indoctrination. In areas where public schools are poor, homeschooling may be the better option. Having said that, homeschooling can do enormous harm if the parents aren't good instructors, if the curricula are poor, and if religious indoctrination enters the picture.


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