Monday, January 26, 2015

Commentary Tidbits

Godless in Dixie: Sex and Christianity Make Strange Bedfellows

Freak Out Nation: Unhinged Woman Climbs Onstage At Iowa Freedom Summit, Starts Rambling Incoherently

Al Jazeera America: The culture wars come to Duke

RH Reality Check: ‘Legitimate Rape’ and the March for Life

The Irish Atheist: The Troll from Under the Bridge

Salon: “The world has gone to hell”: A weekend at the Iowa Freedom Summit 

Mother Jones: Despite Legalizing Gay Marriage These States Forbid Teaching About Gay Sex 


  1. Pieces like the RH Reality Check article need to be publicized as widely as possible to make people realize how frighteningly extreme these fetus fetishists are. Nobody is entitled to impose their own mania on everyone else by force of law.

    1. Infidel -- Absolutely! Their rigid beliefs and lack of empathy are dangerous.

  2. I laughed out loud when I read your link for FreakOut Nation. I knew exactly who that article was about and I was right. :)

    But it's kind of amazing when you realize that all of Sarah Palin's handlers who were helping her in the quest to become vice president knew all along that this crazy rambling woman is simply who she really is (see The Guardian's article that quotes one of her former "handlers" on this point). I mean these people were totally cool with this incoherent bizarro insane woman becoming our vice president.

    Says something about who really runs this country, doesn't it?

    1. George -- Do you have the link for the Guardian article? I'd love to read it.

      To this day, I don't understand why McCain chose her as his running mate when FAR more qualified and coherent Republican women were available. She simply wasn't fit for the VP position.

  3. Here you go:


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