Monday, January 19, 2015

Commentary Tidbits

Stuff Fundies Like: Doubling Down on the Doubling Down

Squalto Rank: Lesbian's Funeral Canceled (Because Churches Are All About Love, Forgiveness, and Acceptance, Right?)

The Advocate: Can Mike Huckabee Out-Santorum Rick Santorum?

Canyonwalker Connections: Alan Turing, the Anglican Priest, and the Lessons the Religious Right Ignored

The Daily Beast: The Coming Crackdown on Mormon Liberals


  1. Interesting that the Daily Beast article mentions the role of the internet in turning dissent in the Mormon Church into "a hydra" that can't be killed. The Mormon Church is particularly dependent on controlling its members' access to information, since its whole history happened in well-documented modern times, not in a half-mythologized distant past. But the internet makes all that easily available to anyone and, as with other religions, allows questioning members to communicate with each other outside official channels. The leadership is acting as if it feels very threatened -- and no wonder.

    1. Infidel -- Fundamentalism thrives in ignorance. It withers in the presence of information and free exchange of ideas, and the leadership knows this. If the LDS can't make peace with evidence of its dark past and make room for dissent in its churches, it will experience an exodus or a schism.


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