Sunday, September 7, 2014

News Tidbits

Pew Research Center: Religious divides persist heading into fall campaign 

Washington Post: U.S. evangelicals headed for showdown over gender roles

Religion News Service: Vatican’s doctrinal chief renews criticism of US nuns, says he’s no misogynist

Talking Points Memo: Indicted Ex-Gov. Bob McDonnell Gets A Teaching Gig At Liberty University

ABC 13: Pastor wants 'demonic' books removed from public library 

Seattle Pi: Mars Hill Church’s attendance and giving down ‘significantly’

USA Today: Gay teacher says pregnancy cost her Catholic school job

Pink News: Duck Dynasty star: I’m only as homophobic as Jesus

Washington Blade: Mississippi church responds to rape allegations

Raw Story: Tennessee pastor vows not to ‘repent’ for homophobia: God says gays ‘must be put to death’

Gay Star News: Uganda’s anti-gay bill is back from the dead

Irish Times: Bishop objects to LGBT centre grant on ‘moral grounds’


  1. If we outlawed stupidity, would it be the end of religion? I'm guessin' ...


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