Monday, September 22, 2014

Commentary Tidbits

On Faith: My Father Repented of “Christian Spanking” Too Late    (Trigger Warning)

Elizabeth Esther: I love you, therefore I hit you--er, SPANK you: How Christians conflate love with violence

The Daily Beast: Rick Warren’s Troubling Africa Mission

Alternet: How Playing Good Christian Housewife Almost Killed Me

Equality Matters: Listen To A Fox News Hero Lash Out At Gay People On A Conference Call 

Talk to Action: Meet the Frackers: Right-Wing Billionaire Brothers' Biblical Ambitions 

Buzzfeed: Therapy Attempting To Turn Gay Youth Straight Is Still Legal In 48 States

Political Research Associates: Resisting Culture Warriors Down Under: How Australian Activists Fought Back Against the World Congress of Families

MSNBC: Religious right leader ties U.S. ‘secularism’ to Islamic State

Efrem Smith: The Problem with City Transformation and Church Planting Movements


  1. Read the first link in your post-

    While I don't consider myself abused, my parents spanked me when they felt appropriate, which wasn't very often. My husbands mom beat him with the broom handle several times, and while he doesn't feel like he was abused, he said she was out of line.

    Spanking is one of those things that can definitely go too far in a hurry. I've spanked my kids, or more like whacked them on the behind, when they've been completely out of line- but was I out of line too? Idk.

    Thanks for the links!

    1. Heather -- It's important to think about how far is too far, especially when physical discipline can get out of hand. In the "On Faith" column, the father definitely went too far.

    2. Agreed. That father was way out of control. With his extreme on one side and the extreme of unparenting that I see all around me on the other side- finding middle ground can be a huge challenge. As a parent of 4, finding the discipline that works for each child has been a real challenge.


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